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Booking Conditions

Booking Conditions Can Pericot 1721


Any person that enters CAN PERICOT is obligated to comply with this internal regulation, therefore, the person who signs, is responsible for informing all the companions about this rule.

Any infringement of this regulation may entail the immediate expulsion of Can Pericot.

1. Can Pericot is intended for families and groups of families. Can Pericot Management reserves the right to reject or cancel a reservation, customers who come in groups of adults only, without permission of Can Pericot, although the payment having been made and without customers may be able to claim the amount paid.

2 The payment of the down payment constitutes acceptance of the booking conditions and terms of internal regulations Can Pericot.

3. Payments

First payment: Down Payment at the moment of making the reservation, of the 50% of the amount. It can be done by credit card when booking online through the website, or by bank transfer, which must be made within three business days. In the latter case, must be notified by e-mail indicating the completion of the same reservation number and customer name.

Second payment: On arrival, preferably in cash or by credit card is also possible. If you prefer, by bank transfer, 7 days before your arrival, and sending justification by email. The tourist tax in cash and fair.

4. Deposit. On arrival you will be asked for a deposit for each accommodation through retention or pre-authorization by credit card to cover any deterioration or damage to property, lost keys, etc., € 150 per house. This deposit will be returned, if applicable, at the latest, after seven days of departure, after inspection of the property. In case of any defect or anomaly is billed as appropriate.

5. The reservation is personal and non-transferable, and it is considered firm once the Down Payment is received, and confirmed by Can Pericot. Only the people indicated in the reservation and registered upon arrival will be entitled to stay in the accommodation. Any transfer of this rent, or sub-rent, even if they are made without charge, are totally prohibited.

The client will have to prove both his identity and his companions, with a DNI, passport or equivalent documentation, and will sign the necessary documents for registration. People staying in the lodging establishments located in Catalonia must register obligatorily. (Article 2 of Order IRP / 418/2010, of August 5, on the obligation to register and communicate to the General Directorate of the Police of persons staying at the hotel establishments located in Catalonia) . That is why all the guests will be asked for the DNI. The national identity document is mandatory after fourteen. (Article 9.2 of Organic Law 1/1992, of February 21, on protection of citizen security).

6. Any modification of the reservation can only be made by writing to canpericot1721@gmail.com. Can Pericot will try to respond to requests for changes, subject to availability. In order for the modification to be effective, the booking department must have approved and confirmed in writing.

7. The direction of Can Pericot reserves the right of admission and cancellation of the contract to the clients that disturb the tranquillity or lack the basic norms of coexistence, or do not respect the internal regulations. The customer must avoid any noise that may disturb the neighbours. The lodged people will not be able to carry out in the houses annoying, unhealthy, harmful, dangerous or illicit activities.

8. Adults guardians of minors shall be the ultimate responsibility of the same minors, as well as of the damages that may be caused to the facilities. The use of the pool by children must be supervised by an adult, at all times.

9. Pets should be accepted in advance. The client that comes with a dog or pet commits to: a) bring it always tied to the common areas of Can Pericot. b) Have an updated and secure health card that covers damages to third parties, c) Never leave the pet alone. d) Do not disturb the other hosted guests. e) collect their feces. f) leave the house in case of failure to comply with any of the previous points, without claiming compensation. The client is responsible for the behavior and possible damage that their pets can cause.

10. Vehicles. It is only allowed to enter the yard with the cars to load and / or download. Then you take the car and park it in the municipal parking, 150m approx. of the house.

11. Smoking is not allowed inside the accommodations.

12. The client will make civilized use of property and property, using them as specified and will respond to damages caused by misuse during your stay at the property. The customer will take care of the property and keep it in a good state of cleanliness. If there is any object broken or damaged due to misuse during the rental period, the Owner may claim the price of the replacement for the customer. The client, when making the reservation, is responsible for the correct behavior of all the people who accompany it.

13. The client may not present any appeal against Can Pericot in case of property theft during his stay.

14. The client will respect the maximum number of people that can enter the property according to the people requested at the time of making the reservation (to this contract). It is not allowed to invite other people to use the pool or the house (even if they do not stay overnight), without having previously consulted the property, and this one is authorized.

15. The owner is not responsible for losses, damages, cancellations, or additional expenses suffered by the client or any other matter beyond his control.

16. The client may not deny the entry of the Owner or his representative, provided that the visit has been requested in advance.

17. The client accepts that the hosted customer service, in the event of unforeseen circumstances (weather problems, light cuts, etc.) may not be immediate. Therefore, the client is informed that this establishment, unlike a hotel, does not have a 24 hour care service, although we will always try to answer as soon as possible, to any unforeseen circumstance.

18. The owner is not responsible for the lost or forgotten objects in the house; However, if he finds them, he will inform the clients.

19. At the beginning of the rental period, Can Pericot will deliver the keys and instructions for the proper functioning of the property to the client.

20. Cancellation: In case of cancellation, Can Pericot will respond with the following conditions:

The bank fees will be paid by the client.

If the cancellation occurs before 30 days of arrival, the first payment will be refunded.

If the cancellation occurs between days 0 and 29 before your arrival, you will not be entitled to any refund.

The cancellation of your booking must be requested in writing canpericot1721@gmail.com with subject: Cancellation and reservation number.

You should also indicate the reasons for its cancellation. If the reservation had been made by credit card will be returned, if applicable according to the cancellation policy, the appropriate amount through this medium, if possible. If it has been made through bank transfer, you must indicate the IBAN number of your bank account.

21. The reservations for more than one house, if moving furniture or utensils from one lodging to another, or to the community area, you must return it to its place. You can not move furniture from a house that has not been rented, or make use of your terrace, even if it is empty, without prior authorization.

22. It must be left clean accommodation, kitchen utensils picked clean and tidy. Let bed sheets out of bed, and blankets or duvets bend. Otherwise, they will be withdrawn at least € 60 from the deposit.

23. Pool schedule: 9:00 – 23:00. On Saturdays in the high season and middle season, you can not use the swimming pool for cleaning.

24. Arrival and Departure Schedule: Mid and high season: entry from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and departure: before 10:00a.m. Low season: to check.

25. If necessary, once hosted, you can contact us by WhatsApp or Telegram, or SMS, at +34616030836 or in case of emergency +34 606025647.

STRICT RULES, which if not met, customers will be invited to leave Can Pericot or failure to do so will be expelled. It is not allowed: a) to make noise repeatedly (TV, Music, shouts or very high conversations), especially after 24:00 a.m. b) invite people, without prior authorization c) not repeatedly comply with the rules of domestic animals.